Check Elsa Hosk, Secret to Model-Off-Duty Style

If you are the proud owner of an Instagram account, I can guarantee that Elsa Hosk has appeared in your feed at least once in your life. Her effortless modeling style is so good that her posts are constantly going viral. If you are an OG Fan like me, you will recognize them from your days as a Victoria’s Secret angel. What is she doing now? She came out of her wings and entered a role as a fashion designer for the after it-Girl brand Helsa.

According to Hosk, a renowned model and a fashion icon, achieving this coveted modeling style requires a carefully selected selection of clothes. With her effortless street style and impeccable fashion sense, Hosk offers us a glimpse into the Magical behind her enviable casual looks. From chic essentials to unexpected statement pieces, Hosk has mastered the art of creating outfits that effortlessly capture the essence of the model’s off-duty cool. Below, buy the seven pieces she recommends buying.

When you’re not working, what’s your favorite outfit for running errands or drinking coffee with friends?

My must-haves from the new drop that has just been published by Helsa are 100% organic linen shirts, shorts and coats. They have the same laid-back vibe, but are stylish enough to be worn for lunch, meetings and cafes where you know you might meet people. I am very particular about the adjustment. I don’t make these pieces just to take an Instagram photo. I want them to live forever in my wardrobe and be constant pieces that I can come back to again and again. The cut must therefore be impeccable, flattering and clean.

How do you balance comfort and style in your casual looks?

I never want to feel uncomfortable in clothes, and I think you should never compromise on style and comfort. The two should fit together perfectly. so a lot of Helsa pants and shirts seem to have borrowed a men’s shirt that fits perfectly. I would wear casual belted pants with a Jersey baby T-shirt or an oversized Blazer with black split leggings. The goal is to balance the Silhouette while being comfortable.

How do you change your style when traveling to different cities or countries?

I find that I wear more color on vacation or that I combine the colors of the place I’m going more with my wardrobe. We made a long transparent dress with a ruffled hem in the most beautiful orange shade for the summer drop, which I like to wear this summer in the middle of sunsets, orange trees and flowers on vacation.

What are some unexpected style tips or tricks that you have learned from your collaboration with different designers and stylists throughout your career?

I feel like I’ve tried on more clothes as a model than the majority of the world’s population, so you get an idea of which cut works best, how the fabric moves, what is quickly outdated and what remains classic. I’ve always been curious about the work of everyone on set and I’ve learned as much as I can from designers and stylists — Cut, Fabric, Mixing the two, creating contrast. But putting an outfit together has always been just instinct for me. From an early age, I had a very clear idea of how I want to dress, how I want to feel in an outfit, how I put it together. This is my armor. He tells the world who I am. This has always been important to me. It’s harder to explain because it’s very natural for me, so I think what was most valuable and what I needed to learn the most from designers and clients who run brands is the business side of making clothes, how to run a business, and merchandising.

How do you define your uniform model?

I don’t think this applies only to models, but to everyone. I don’t think there is a model look anymore, or at least I don’t find it interesting. Our agents always told us that we had to wear high heels, black skinny jeans and a tank top for castings, and it was always my least favorite way to dress. Do they look like everyone else? How boring it is! I would always break the rules. I think the coolest models have the most awesome style. They only wear what flatters their body and look the same. I think it’s a new world where clients are attracted by personal style and personality and prefer to book a girl because they have something to say and have their personal style rather than having a pretty face or a “perfect body”, and this change is finally starting to happen — just embracing who you are and what you do

From chic essentials to unexpected statement pieces, Hosk has mastered the art of creating outfits that effortlessly capture the essence of the model’s off-duty cool. If you want to borrow her cool Scandi Girl style, buy the seven pieces she recommends buying.

1. Vintage Levis

Hosk gushed about his love for this style of Denim, saying: “I wear my boyfriend’s oversized Vintage Levis with a belt.”Whether you have a partner where you can rent Jeans or not, take advantage of this Levi’s selection to go shopping.

2. the perfect white T-Shirt

The Helsa Baby T-shirt is something that Hosk is very proud of. She mentioned that it was her favorite.

3. an excellent trench coat

Hosk has been shopping after. She told me that she “just received an extra-long, oversized, floor-length trench coat from Saint Laurent” as an investment purchase for 2023. I have a feeling that this effortless must-have is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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