Fake the Look of a Eyebrow Lamination Habit

If I had an infinite amount of money, I would invest in many beauty treatments. One of these treatments would undoubtedly be regular eyebrow laminations. I love the look of eyebrow laminations.

The problem with eyebrow laminations is that they are not exactly something that you can do yourself. “Eyebrow lamination is a chemical treatment procedure that softens the hair follicles to remove any natural texture in the eyebrow hairs and leave the eyebrow hairs very flat,” says Joey Healy, eyebrow specialist. “It is a two-step process, the first is a solution that breaks the bond of the hair, and the second is a neutralizer to keep them flat and in the desired shape. The goal is to create a straight and controlled front.”

Eyebrow laminations give you perfect eyebrows effortlessly. I have never been able to simulate the appearance of eyebrow lamination (I am an eyebrow gel girl from start to finish), but I have also never found a Gel that is strong or flexible enough to make my eyebrows look straight and stay that way.

Recently, however, a product trend has made it easier than ever to simulate the appearance of an eyebrow coating at home. Eyebrow lamination gels are made taking into account the treatment and without aggressive chemicals. Brands like Milk Makeup, Grande Cosmetics, Benefit and others have recently released their versions of lamination gels for eyebrows, and they couldn’t be easier to use. I even leave my tinted gels in favor of these lamination-type options. Read on for some of the best eyebrow gels on the market for a laminating effect that costs a fraction of the price.

Kush light eyebrow lamination gel

I have used this product several times since its release. It settles quickly, so you need to act quickly. In my experience, it helps to put a little more pressure on the eyebrows than you normally would. It lasts all day and gives your eyebrows exactly what you want without making them crispy. It also nourishes your eyebrows thanks to hemp seed oil made from hemp.

Laminated eyebrow styling gel with peptides

This innovative gel does as much for the health of the eyebrows as for freezing your arches. It is infused with peptides for a conditioning formula.

Freezing eyebrows

“If you have more unruly eyebrows that need a little more hold, you can use an eyebrow wax like The Anastasia Brow Freeze,” says Healy. Brow Freeze is a proven staple that is always a good idea for super defined eyebrows.

Lint & Hold Laminated Eyebrow Wax

For ultra-defined fluffy eyebrows, this liquid wax is hard to smack. As it is a liquid wax formula, it is recommended to apply it with a back combing technique, then brush the eyebrows upwards before the wax hardens to obtain voluminous and feathery eyebrows.

Eyebrow Laminator

Talk about a luxurious eyebrow gel. This laminator from Tom Ford is a brag-worthy purchase for a light hold and perfect eyebrows every time.

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