Iwore Brand New Shoes Around an Entire Day

Buying shoes online has never been easier, but now it is, thanks to associate editor Sierra Mayhew. She walks around the stores in New York and tries on all the trendy shoes to talk about its comfort, fit and style so that you never have to come back.

When it comes to shoes, I am quickly connected. Although I probably have more than 50 of them in my closet, almost every time you see me, you find me in the same five to 10 pairs. Why? Because these shoes fell apart, which means I can be on my feet all day wearing them. Comfort is paramount to me, and even though I like to pull the trigger on nice styles that I can only wear for a few hours straight, I always come back to the best of the best.

As someone who spends a lot of time on my feet when I was tasked with walking a whole day in New York in a brand new pair of shoes. I knew it would be a challenge, but I was excited. It was finally an opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone of Shoes and find pairs that were stylish and comfortable enough to meet the requirements of the city. After spending many days on my feet, I discovered that five pairs of shoes stood out from the rest. These shoes provide the support I need to stay on my feet all day, but they also look great with my outfit. Below are the winners that I highly recommend buying before the summer.

If you live in New York and have moved out of your apartment in the last 30 days, you’ve probably seen someone wearing a pair of Sambas. Every few years there are iconic fanfares around Adidas shoes, and it happens again and again with the love that Cool Fashion people have for these sneakers. My favorite thing about fashionable sneakers is that they can be worn to do just about any run on my calendar, regardless of the distance. Having fashionable sneakers like this in my wardrobe is a must for the summer.

Samba and sneakers

Were they comfortable?

Comfortable soles and textured sides provided a feeling of comfort. I wore them to run to my storage unit and my feet felt awesome. There was a bit of tension around the heel that I work wearing extra-thick socks, but overall I am very satisfied with this purchase.

These are the shoes I’ve been looking forward to the most. This striking shade of red was seen on the soles of the models who walked the catwalks during New York Fashion Week a few months ago, and I’ve always wanted to try it. Ballerinas are the trend to know this year, but the traditional style is a bit exaggerated for me, and I wanted to try something different. When I posted these shoes on social media, a friend from Vogue told me that she had them and thought they were the best. My purchase was justified.

Track Ballerinas

Were they comfortable?

Absolutely. They needed a few break-ins, which I did before wearing them at home with socks and shoes for a few days, but now they are absolutely perfect. The soft leather is heavenly.

Ancient Greek Sandals is a brand known for its comfortable shoes. The handcrafted quality behind everything you create is golden. Minimalist 90s-style sandals are all the rage right now, so I had to get my hands on these shoes ASAP.

Kansiz faux leather sandals

Were they comfortable?

I was quite impressed with this shoe. The ribs on the side offered extra support and it felt padded with my foot all over. If you need something comfortable to stay on your feet all day, here is your action.

It is rare for me to find a pair of heels in which I can walk and wear all day, but I did it the first day I entered these reform paragraphs. This is honestly the reason I’m crazy about a block paragraph, and you should too. They are so comfortable and make wearing heels 10 times better. In addition, the Denim color goes with everything in my wardrobe.

Adria Square Heel sandal

Were they comfortable?

I wore them when I had to go to the office and be up several times throughout the day. I was so relieved when I realized that they wouldn’t squeeze my toes too much or add blisters, and now I’m convinced that I need to order them in new colors. I’ve already seen one of the colors I like sell out, so that means I need to act quickly.

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