Now Check Halle Bailey to Be Part of Your World

How does it feel to meet a Disney princess? Exactly what you would think.

A soft and melodious voice, an elegant presence and even a small animal companion — seriously.

Halle Bailey came to our cover photograph with her adorable cat Poseidon in tow. Her fur baby was under the weather and, like any good Disney princess, she took care to take care of her creature, but still took care to greet everyone with a cosy smile. Bailey is gorgeous and bright in a way you can’t forget. She personifies the Gospel song “This Little Light of Mine”.

The day I meet Bailey for our interview in a sprawling Beverly Hills mansion — the setting for our June cover photograph—she’s a few days away from the start of an epic world press tour for the little Mermaid, and I asked what message she had for her.future me. “I think my message to the future room would be: “Everything will be fine. It’s going to be fantastic. Be confident, be proud of yourself and the work you put into this Film, and enjoy it, girls,” she says.

No one has ever seemed more fateful for a role than Bailey flipping Ariel’s fin. Director Rob Marshall has already made it clear during the press tour of the Little Mermaid that among the hundreds of young women who have seen it, Bailey was his clear choice for the live-action Remake.

The story goes that Marshall knew Bailey was his Arielle after seeing her and her sister perform at the 2019 Grammys, but Bailey wasn’t sure what the Disney team had up their sleeve when they invited her to audition. “I had received the requests through my CAA agency and they told me that Rob Marshall, the director, wanted to see me for the little Mermaid. I just remember thinking, “Oh my God, this is so cool. What Role? … Maybe one of the sisters or something. And then they said: “Ariel, he wants you to play the main role.”I was so excited right away, but also so nervous because she meant so much to me,” she says. “I immediately went into high gear to prepare for the Audition, discussed it over and over with my sister and tried to get notes from my family on what I could fix. And then I landed in New York and met Rob Marshall for the first time. [He] was so kind, was so genuine with me and just made me feel so comfortable. I was just filled with so much gratitude and joy that he was honestly a really cool and genuine person inside and out.”

It should be noted that the little Mermaid marks Bailey’s first Solo career move. Until then, Bailey has done everything professionally with her sister Chloe. In addition to forming the Grammy-nominated R&B duo Chloe x Halle, the two also starred together in the Freeform series Grown-ish.

They started under Beyoncé’s label Parkwood enjoyment and toured with the iconic Superstar as tweens. The two protégés of Parkwood have such a sweet and real closeness. You hear the collective “aw” on the set while Halle asks us to play Chloe’s new Album during the filming. “My sister is my angel, I really feel,” she tells me. “The fact that I grew up with her is the happiest thing that could have happened to me because I think I wouldn’t have done any of this without her. The only reason I wanted to sing was because I saw my sister singing. … The next thing you know, we sing together, then we do shows together.”

If two people have already made more dynamic beginnings, it is the Bailey Sisters. After an Unholy hour, the sisters decided to take a break from their group to try their hand at solo activities. Chloe has entered her era as a complete Diva, playing a sold-out national tour of her debut album and playing a killer role in the Swarm series directed by Donald Glover. When I think of Chloe and Halle, I hear Nina Simone singing “to be young, gifted and black.”

my life, I was just surrounded by true love. But at the same time, when you grow up young in this enjoyment industry, you have to get away from the fanfare of everything. My sister and I had to learn this from an early age when we were 15 on tour with Beyoncé. I try not to identify my achievements as my value. This way I can always stay grounded and feel like a real person. What matters is love and being with the people you love and the happy and joyful moments you have together. These are the things that last. God is a very big part of my life and just as much because none of this will be possible without my faith.”

Bailey is also quick to acknowledge Parkwood’s upbringing as a Star for how she got to where she is now: “I think I just have this example of the awesome Queen Bey… She is an awesome and unfailing example of working hard and leading yourself, knowing that you can simply inspire so many generations. He was a great example and Mentor for us.”

Although her first step to solo fame in one of the most anticipated films of the year was a huge breakthrough for Bailey, it was not part of a carefully organized plan to play such an important role. This was the direction in which she was being led and she was open to receiving it. “I’m a girl who really wants to ‘go with the flow,'” she adds. “I just let God lead my life. Wherever I am, I will finish. I never thought that I would really enter the world of theater in this way. When I think about it, he’s just a mind freak. It’s huge and I’m so grateful for it. But I didn’t think that I would dare to play this way if I started with such a great film.”

As my grandmother would have said: “If you give yourself God’s blessing, you might be surprised where it takes you.”

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