See Anti-Trend Staple Define Summer Fashion

No matter how much things change, they remain the same. Of course, time passes, but without a doubt, each season has its form of essentials – that is, the experiences or objects that give the impression of fulfilling the Trope associated with that period. For some, summer is defined by what they eat, where they travel and even who they spend their time with. But for fashionistas, it always depends on what we are wearing. In our eyes, Summer is not summer, unless you are walking around in “cliché” staples (for example Sandals and summer dress) under the sun.

As trite as it may seem, there is no denying that clothes are as much a part of the summer experience as anything else. After all, you can’t make this quintessential pilgrimage to the beach without a swimsuit. And you definitely won’t leave for your summer vacation without packing clothes. Thus, investing in summer basics is as much a rite of passage for the Season as any other activity. Of course, there is a long List of items that can be considered indispensable for the summer, but in my opinion there is one non-negotiable: crochet clothes.

Like clockwork, the crochet pieces keep coming back once the cosy temperatures rise. But make no mistake about it. This is not another fleeting trend. Crochet pieces have become the epitome of summer style, going beyond the status of “trend” to become a must-have anti-trend in their own right. Don’t you believe me? In advance, I pulled receipts to show how crochet continues to be an essential part of the summer experience. So let’s go…

Hook on the podium:

Although crochet has been cemented as a timeless staple, I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize how crochet pieces (in all their forms) have achieved this status. In part, the prevalence of crochet pieces is related to the way they have continued to be part of catwalk collections over the years. The Spring / Summer 2023 catwalks are no exception to this rule, as we have seen designers reverse this “outdated trend” with special weaving techniques.

For example, in the s / S 23 collections of Victoria Beckham, Interior, Jil Sander and Gabriela Hearst, open fabrics resembling cobwebs were discovered that seemed to be about to dissolve (intentionally, of course). At the same time, at Roberta EIN and Alejandra Alonso, we saw dresses and Tops by Roja decorated with crochet rosette applications. There were shirts, skirts and dresses with ultra-delicate hooks that looked like Vintage doilies at The Row, Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Simkhai. Although the knitting technique differs from one designer to another, the Spring / Summer 2023 collections have shown the lasting hold of the Hook.

Hook on fashion set:

It was not only the tracks that showed the continued relevance of the hook. Like ice cream on a hot day, pieces of crochet are woven into the visual iconography of what defines the season. After all, you can’t scroll through social media without discovering a fashion person wearing some kind of crochet piece (even if we haven’t reached the “official” start of summer yet). The spread of this trend can be attributed to its versatility.

Not only can crochet pieces be worn by anyone for almost any occasion, but there are so many ways to embrace them. From crochet bath covers to woven tote bags, there are many ways to wear this must-have to fit your tailor preferences. It is this flexibility that cements crochet pieces as a perennial summer staple. But if you’re still not sold, keep scrolling. I have collected the 45 best crochet finds for the summer.

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