Summer Shoe Trends Will Elevate Basic Jeans

If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I live and Pass away from a good pair of trusted Jeans. Over the years, I have accumulated my fair share of tried-and-true Denim that I will wear at any time of the year, rain or shine, even during the hot and stuffy New York summers. My saving grace during those 80+ degree days when you feel like going out is worse than going to a Sauna? Have a good pair of comfortable shoes to accompany it.

Although I like to preach about the importance of a thoughtful and organized wardrobe in the name of durability and ease, sometimes just a pair of great walking shoes that look as good on my feet as they feel on my feet. Come on in, 8 shoe trends that I can actually put behind me now that summer is coming. From chic flat sandals to editor-approved micro-heels, these shoe trends not only feel incredibly timely, but they’re also a massive relief in a world filled with 6-inch platforms and thousands of steps. If you’re looking to spice up your basic jeans this year, look no further than these 8 shoe trends for summer 2023.

Minimalist Sandals

Simple, minimalist sandals were on everyone’s radar as the summer season took full hold. Opt for flared bottoms or short flared bottoms to highlight these perfectly cut strappy sandals. We apologize in advance for the tan lines!

Sports Sneakers

If you are someone who travels a lot, you know the appeal of having a great Sneaker all year round, but especially in summer. As the weather cosy up and your number of steps increases, the best investment you can make is a pair of comfortable but fashionable sneakers. Anything retro or sporty has my heart, especially when paired with loose Mom jeans silhouettes.

Fischer Sandals

Maybe it’s just me, but really, I feel a new shoe trend: the Fischer Sandal. While the style is quite European, Old School and a little bordering on the barbecue, I have increasingly noticed that the fashion crowd is leaning towards fisherman’s sandals. I am prepossessed with how they look under straight rolled up jeans. TBH, Any French girl would agree.


Ballet flats are perhaps simply my favorite shoe trend that has emerged in the last two years. Although I’m all for a simple and girly flat shoe, its relevance on the fashion scene has made just about every pair available: from square-toed beauties to bow silhouettes to mesh fiber shoes. You can’t go wrong throwing a pair under a puddle of jeans.


Love them or datest them: flip flops are here to stay. Honestly, I’m all for style when paired with bright faded jeans and a simple matching top. Opt for a thinner pair of leather (instead of plastic) to give it a sophisticated feel.

Strappy sandals

Nothing feels as SUMMERY as a strappy heeled sandal. Personally, I own too many to count, because they are much too easy to throw under any jeans and feel 10 times more chic than usual. Plus, I can get behind a micro-kitten heel. No foot pain here!

Single Moccasins

A pair of elegant and modern loafers never goes out of style. Instead of thick-soled silhouettes, opt for low-heeled models paired with straight jeans and barrel jeans for an elevated French girl look.

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