Summer Trends French Women Wear on Vacation

The time of the year has come when our Instagram feeds are filled with people on vacation. It can be difficult to look at when you are not on vacation yourself, but it can also be very informative when you are looking for shopping and summer outfit ideas. I don’t know about you, but one of my summer style goals is to always look like you could be on vacation.

Just for fun, let’s dwell a little more on the style of the holiday. If you like to dress like a Frenchwoman in the summer, you will like what you are about to see. French women really know how to embrace the relaxed but assembled atmosphere on vacation. And although they usually carry a lot of classic items, I also spotted a few current trends in their feeds. Keep scrolling to buy seven that will greatly enhance your summer wardrobe, whether you are on vacation or not.

Bast Bags

If you are only buying one bag this summer, follow my advice and make a raffia bag out of it. French women agree – I see this trend on everyone’s arms.


Red is the color of the Season, and there are many chic ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe. The one I often see is in the form of a red dress.

Wedge heel sandals

Wedge heels are no longer a fashionable no-no, and the French fashion world is adopting them accordingly. I see this trend associated with everything from denim shorts to slip-on dresses.

Long Pleated Skirts

Long skirts show no signs of fading, and one of the coolest iterations of the moment is a long pleated skirt right now.


Crochet practically screams summer, and there are so many fun ways to wear it. I see French women wearing this trend all over the world — from Mallorca to Miami via Marseille.

Snake skin

Snakeskin may not be the first thing you think of when you think of a French girl on summer vacation, but here we are. I’m especially loving Snakeskin Accessories at the moment.

Maria Janes

Holidays usually involve a certain degree of walking, so a pair of chic apartments is a requirement. The most progressive trend for French girls at the moment is Mary Janes.

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